May 13th 2009

Our Beading Room Is Now Open For Visitors.

Stop by any time we're open to use our Beading Room. Only $5 per hour gets you use of a torch, tools, inspiration and advice. Experienced beaders only. Visit our website for more details.

New Specials for May - 

Fusion is always finding new ways to save you money

Save On RSFC* Glass

(*Random Sized Fusion Cutoffs**)

(**Depending on availability. In stock only.)

Glass (8" x 24" or wider, various sizes) Price/sq.ft.
Clear Seedy (S100SE) $3.95
Clear Waterglass (S100W) $5.00
Satin Seedy (S100SN) $3.95
Clear Artique (S100A) $5.00
Clear Chord (S100W) $4.25
Clear Hammered (S100H) $4.25
Clear Narrow Pinreed 1/8" (100NP) $3.95

Call TODAY to take advantage of more great prices!

Solder 60/40 (1 lb rolls) $12.00/roll
Fusing Molds 20% off

Other great deals can be found on our Online Store!

Our New Service Offering - Lamination

Our new laminating station is up and running, and we are offering a new service to all our customers. Now you can have 2 types of glass laminated together to offer the benefits or style of both. Stop by and see some samples, or call myself (Ken) or Dan and discuss your needs.

Read more about Laminating on our website under Products.

Fusion Tools? Not really, but Mei has found a line of cutting tools that have the quality you should expect, but a price you can afford. Glass cutters for 3mm to 12mm glass (good for fused glass too), straight edge cutters 18" to 48", circle and oval cutters. We hope to see our first order in May.

Oh! I almost forget to mention our new store hours
Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday 9am - 4:30pm

Thanks for your support
Ken and staff


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