April 8th 2009

Just a quick reminder for those wanting to "piggyback" an order.

Whenever we make a large order from our suppliers, we allow our customers to join in and save. But you'll need to move FAST! All orders need to be received by us tomorrow, April 10th. Why bother? It is a chance to save 30-50%, or get that special item that we may not normally carry. Call Ken at 1-800-663-5071 to make your order or ask questions.

New items for April

  • Our class schedule will be posted in the next week. Not a lot of classes, but interesting classes that should appeal to beginners and not so new alike.
  • On the manufacturing side, we are working on samples with our new glass laminating machine. Once we have worked through the setup, we expect great results from this technique.
  • Our on-line shopping cart is now open. We are also giving discounts of 10 - 30% to clients using the shopping cart.
  •  Thanks to all for the positive comments about our new website. Jeff is working on some of the suggestions and yes, it is a work in progress.

Spring has arrived a little late in the Okanagan, but certainly still earlier than many parts of the country. So what does the avid glass person do when the great outdoors (or outdoor chores) are calling their names? . . . Take your glass outside! Projects like outside lanterns that are stained glass or mosaics. They can replace your garden lights or may simply have candles to illuminate them. Garden stakes that can be fused, stained glass or maybe made as mosaics, can add colour to a not yet colourful outside.

At Fusion, we are currently in the design stage for a mosaic wall, with hopes that we will complete it by the end of July. We welcome you to stop by and watch the progress (or lack of it). Are you stuck with no ideas or unclear on a new technique? . . . Well, there is always lots of books here to look through or purchase (many at deep discount), or you can simply talk to one of the staff who will gladly help you.

The Okanagan offers a great venue for glass workshops. We have some great wineries, nice restaurants, and we have a facility ready to offer great hands-on skills. Our workshop schedule will be out soon, combining glass, food and wine (all passions for Dan).

Not so ambitious? Then we have lots of fun day and full day classes on beads, pendants and jewelry, fusing, sandblasting and stained glass. Visit our website for the schedule (coming soon).

Fusion Tools? Not really, but Mei has found a line of cutting tools that have the quality you should expect, but a price you can afford. Glass cutters for 3mm to 12mm glass (good for fused glass too), straight edge cutters 18" to 48", circle and oval cutters. We hope to see our first order in May.


Oh! I almost forget to mention our new store hours
Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday 9am - 4:30pm

Thanks for your support
Ken and staff