March 2010

The blur of the last year is behind us and we are now well into another year. We hope that the on-line store is working well for many of you, as it seems that that is the feedback we are getting from many of the users. 

As mentioned below, we are sorting and clearing many items that have gradually built up in the last 6 months. If these are items that you are wanting, then most are greater than a 50% savings. I am happy that we were able to help our client in Calgary that wanted 70sq.ft of clear seedy as we had a little more than that at $2.50 sq.ft. Our cutoff bins change along the ways as far as selection, but the deal is always a sweet one!

Our classes are taking a slight hiatus for the month of April as I am in China and Australia doing a little visiting as well as checking a few new suppliers that have come on board. A bit of sneak preview is grinding heads standard grit $12.95 each. I hope to have a full summer schedule towards the beginning of May, so especially look for our wine paring courses.

We are celebrating a year in on-line selling. For the rest of March and all of  April, we are offering  $15 off on all orders $100 - $200. For orders over $200, we are giving $30 off. This is approximately the cost of freight on most orders.

We want to remind our customers that we are open  9am to 3pm on Saturdays. We still have a few people that leave their noseprints on the glass, but don't use the doors(Susan is picky about clean windows). The coffee is usually always on and there is often 1 or more taking advantage of a Saturday to make a few beads. April would also be a good month to get a little studio time, so please give us a call ahead and come and join the bustle of our studio, or less bustle if you come on a Saturday.

For all our local shoppers, we are going to have a sale on Moretti rod. Most rod is 30% off our store price. For out of town clients, please give us a call for our special pricing. And remember the extra deal on orders over $100. We are making room for new glass coming at the end of April along with a larger selection of tools and books.

On the family front, for the people following. Isla will be turning 1 in April. This is a big celebration for her. And for the sports people, Julia was fortunate enough to make the Junior Canadian team and competed in Torsby, Sweden.

Newsletter special Taurus 3 saws $515 Includes freight within Canada
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