March 15th 2009

Whew! We are finally open for supplies and classes.

What I had originally estimated as finishing early in January, we are just now putting the finishing (for now) touches up and unloading some new glass. A lot more work than was expected.

There is still a window or 3 to go in, the calendar for classes to be posted; but we have moved walls, unpacked 1000's of lbs of glass and re-entered many of the items. Jeff has been working on our website and it is coming together nicely.

I thank all the participants in our first Hot Deals sale and we hope to follow up with new sales specials every 2 - 3 weeks. Solder at $13.96 a roll brought back feelings of nostalgia! If you want to be included on our next flyer, just send an email to let us know.

So what is different now, to how we worked in Calgary?

Our building is a little over 9000 sq.ft. Our staff in Kelowna is finding it really exciting to be a part of working with others who are making glass products. For some of them, it is a new experience to see beads made or a larger variety of glass than we stocked before. We are a little more cramped for space as more inventory is put onto the floor. The workshops are also different. We now walk into the sandblasting room. We have all the equipment set up to cold-work fused glass. Our small glory hole is now being used again, and we now have 4 kilns to work with. Lastly, we have opened a small bead room with 6 torches all set to go for drop- in sessions, quick demos or for an all day class.

We have expanded our shipping department so that all in- stock orders are usually shipped same day or next. For Alberta, it usually is a 2 day ship, though if you are in a hurry, we can do overnight to most larger centers.

Want to stock up and save at the same time?

Try our piggyback program! It is geared to work for many smaller studios, hobbyists with a few projects to complete, or someone who wants to save more on their orders. Simply put, add to our order and save on shipping, product cost, border charges and more.

Our next rod and bead supply order is April 6th to ship April 10th
Our next glass and supply order is April 3rd to ship April 10th

Oh! I almost forget to mention our new store hours
Monday to Friday 8am - 4:30pm
Saturday 9am - 4:30pm

Thanks for giving us an opportunity again
Ken and staff